Social Games that Everyone Can Enjoy

Revolutionize dating with social mobile games. Give meaningful virtual gifts, help friends complete missions, and chat live.

And if you are not single, you can still play our beautiful fun games made especially for tablets.

Meet the Team

  • Nikki A.

    CEO and Co-founder

    Dating industry Guru. Founded meetnlunch - a leading matchmaking company. Casual games addict.

  • Top P.

    Game Director and Co-founder

    Created the hit game "Candy Meleon" totalling +1M downloads. Passionate game designer, self-taught game developer, and a long time gaming enthusiast.

  • Plus P.


    With more than decade of programming experience, Plus can write any code and make it work!

  • Ake C.

    Lead Developer

    With 6+ years experience creating and developing web application. He's passionate with Graph DB. His eagerness to learn, to experiment, and collaborate make him a pleasure to work with.

  • Nick S.

    Lead iOS Developer

    Coke lover who has a strong background in iOS development. Highly productive and fast learner, he's an expert iOS developer with an insatiable desire to solve complex problems through creativity, collaboration and bravery.

  • Add T.

    Lead Game Developer

    Add plays an integral role in our mobile games development as he brought with him 12+ year of experience in the game industry.

  • Stop P.

    Lead Android Developer

    I love Java language, developing smart device and playing with Android OS.

  • F.

    Lead 3D Artist

    Best legendary 3d artist in the three kingdoms.

  • Jae R.

    Lead 2D Artist

    There is nothing he can't draw.